Terra Frutis Personal Plots

The Terra Frutis community is planning a group land buy of a parcel of land. This area is located about 10 minutes’ walk from the Community Center. We have yet to work out many details, including pricing, but expect it to be somewhere around $5000 for a ½ hectare lot with 2.5% share of ownership of the total 85-hectare parcel of land. This includes a budget (not yet fully defined) for lot marking, a good access trail, electricity (either grid or solar) and other property expenses for the first 5 years. You will get your name on the title, a map with your lot, and you will also have to pay for minor occasional property maintenance expenses such as yearly municipal property taxes (about $25 for the whole property), and marking the property boundaries every few years.

Below you can see a map with the general area that we will be dividing.

Contact us if you are interested. Then, we’ll keep you informed when more details will be available.