Terra Frutis

Plant Trees. Eat Fruit. Enjoy Life.

Amazonian Fruit Festival

What is Terra Frutis? Why did it begin?

Terra Frutis is a community focused on gathering and applying solutions. Food forestry, polyculture, sustainability, regenerative, synergistic, non-violent, drug-free, alternative energy, anti-fiat, crypto-currencies, vegan, frugivorous, musicians, fruit breeding, athletic, compassionate, joyful, and healthy are some terms that relate to our goals and self-definitions.

Terra Frutis started because we collectively see many issues facing our environment, society and individuals. Many of these can be resolved with a fruit-based and raw vegan diet combined with logical social conflict resolution and organisation. The biggest obstacle is the corruption of governments and corporations and their effects on the individual and their mentality. People have a need for co-dependency and hence community of like-minded humans. When people realise what has happened on earth, usually we shut down or seek a better way. Our choice is to come together, assess our options, orchestrate movements, and create a peaceful life on earth.

If you want to join us in any of our locations or start something on your own, we would like to collaborate with information and resources to improve all of our chances of creating symbiotic solutions.

Please visit our Facebook page for frequent updates, and check out our recent photos and videos on our Instagram and our YouTube channel.

A fun "dramatic trailer" of happenings at Terra Frutis during the November 2016 "dry season". There is also a more detailed video.