Terra Frutis

A Homesteading Intentional Community

Plant Trees. Eat Fruit. Enjoy Life.

Terra Frutis is a homesteading intentional community in tropical Ecuador. We are working together on planting a food forest aimed at sustainably feeding 20+ people on a plant-based diet.

Our core values:

  • We do not have a central leader, we govern ourselves non-hierarchically with consensus.
  • Abstinence from addictive psychoactive drugs.
  • Non-violence towards animals (including humans).
  • Permaculture ethics.
  • High raw whole food plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle.

We currently have openings for membership, you could help with any aspect(s) of the project from agricultural to technician, volunteer management and public relations.

You can visit our Facebook page for updates, check out some photos on our Instagram or videos on our YouTube channel.

A fun "dramatic trailer" of happenings at Terra Frutis during the November 2016 "dry season". There is also a more detailed video.