Vegan House Rental Opportunity, Perfect for Digital Nomads

Separate to the Terra Frutis project, we have a property available to rent either as a whole or by room. The property is 5 minutes by taxi from the town of Gualaquiza, and only an hour by public transport away from Mt Frutis. With a yard full of a mixture of local and exotic fruit trees (including marang and jackfruit fruiting) it is the perfect place for vegan fruit-based digital nomads, though also suitable for families due to its proximity to the town. The house has 3 bedrooms, a toolroom, a living room and a bathroom. There is a kitchen away from the house with a fridge freezer, eating area etc. There is also a sidehouse where members of the Terra Frutis community sometimes stay.

For $150 per month (or $200/month if you’d like the master bedroom which comes with an ensuite) you would get your own private bedroom and use of the shared bathroom, living room, kitchen, toolroom. The yard backs onto a river suitable for bathing in (there is also a shower and bathtub available to use). The yard is full of a mix of local and exotic fruit trees. Marang, jackfruit, rollinia, orange, mandarin, three kinds of lemons, miracle fruit, abiu, zapote, banana (orito, Cavendish, red, namwah varieties), papaya, passion fruit, ice cream bean, naranjilla, pseudolulo are all fruiting (some are seasonal). There are also many durian trees, a young breadfruit tree, and some other exciting fruit trees around that are not yet fruiting.

For $300/month you could have the whole house to yourself, but the kitchen and shower would be shared with TF members who occasionally stop by and stay in the sidehouse.

Prices include utilities (water, electricity, internet, gas).

We require a security deposit of $200 (or $300 with children or companion animals) for a single room or $600 for the whole house. This is repayable at the end of your stay minus the cost of any damages/breakages. We will supply a bed, mattress and bedding, plus kitchenware for your use. We also will have the house professionally cleaned before you move in.

More photographs are available upon request. If you are interested please contact us through the contact form or email us at