Terra Frutis

Regenerative Food Forest & Vegan Fruitarian Community

Morona-Santiago Province, Ecuador

Terra Frutis Questionnaire

  1. When do you wish to arrive at Terra Frutis, and how long do you wish to stay?

  1. We request that each individual planning to arrive at any Terra Frutis location fill out a separate questionnaire if capable of doing so, even if arriving with others. Will you arrive at Terra Frutis with others? If so, please elaborate.

  1. Please tell us about yourself. (Lengthy responses are welcome.)

    If not answered above, please answer the following:

  1. What interests you the most about Terra Frutis, and how do you see yourself contributing here?

  1. Do you have any physical or psychological health issues? If so, what are they?

  1. Please provide links to any social media profiles that you have – for example, Facebook, YouTube channel, Instagram, a personal website, et cetera.

  1. Please list three emergency contacts (name, email address, telephone number, relationship to you).

  1. Please describe your current financial situation. What would you do if you ran out of money while staying at Terra Frutis?

  1. Which seeds, cuttings, or grafted plants do you plan to bring with you to Terra Frutis? (Please refer to the “Plant Gift List” page of our website; the direct link is below.)


  1. Please elaborate on your interest, knowledge, and experience regarding raw/fruit-based diets and vegan philosophy.

  1. Please share your knowledge, insights, and experience regarding sustainable polycultures, regenerative agroforestry, closed-loop farming/gardening, eco-technology, eco-construction, et cetera.

  1. What particular skills, interests, or fields of knowledge do you possess and enjoy sharing?

  1. Please explain your thoughts and feelings on the relationship between humans and non-human animals.

  1. Please explain your thoughts and experiences regarding mind-altering substances such as hallucinogenics, alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, coffee, cacao, prescription drugs, et cetera.

  1. What would you recommend as a source of information for nutrition and health?

After filling out the questionnaire, please copy and paste both the questions and your answers into an email and send it to terrafrutis.ecuador@gmail.com with the subject “Member Application – My Name” (for example, “Member Application – John Smith”).

If you’d like to download this questionnaire in OpenDocument format, click HERE. Please do NOT send this document as an attachment in the email.